Trinity Realty Pty Ltd
58 Marion Street HARRIS PARK 2150 NSW
T: 02 9633 4000


Teressa Dona
Business / Sales Manager / LREA

P: 02 9633 4000
M: 0400 813 003
Teressa has a wealth of business, sales and entrepreneurial experience that she brings every day to assist her owner clients obtain the very best prices when selling their properties or helping our landlords with any enquiry. Her clients all welcome and appreciate her pro active commitment to doing all the little things right and going the extra mile to achieve the desired outcome.

Her sales successes are exemplary because Teressa's professionalism and ability to connect with all members of the community provides the reassurance their best interests are being looked after as Teressa aims to establish and value long term friendships with all our clients. Spring 2013 and summer 2013/14 has been particularly impressive as Teressa has set many sales records after she has assisted owners in preparing their properties to ensure they achieve top dollar and highest returns on their investments, in record times. 97.3% of properties listed with her in the past 6 months are sold within the first 2 weeks of listing, very often exceeding owners expectations with delight.
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